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Friday, July 25, 2014

Turmoil Behind Happiness

Happiness everywhere, putting a mask, wrapped in sorrow. A harsh reality, we keep smiling but alone from inside, looking for a person to drain out our salty ocean, full of some good and bad experiences from our past.

Every time, whether making plans to spend a joyful time or thinking otherwise, talking with ourselves only, something that our soul only can listen to. Perhaps, found a few loyal shoulders, but flowed with the flow of time; just because of their obligations or sometimes due to an unknown reason that we try to know but desperation all the time. Sometimes, loneliness is the necessity but reality is different; happiness comes for a short span. And, in that short moment, we live a life. 
Cheerful with tiny rain drops, but for how long, when everything has an expiry date. Most beautiful presents are always wrapped with hurdles, and it is said that problems are natural after every joy. Being neutral in every situation is the key to happiness, we will have to accept this fact. Unfortunately, we are not ready to accept the truth because it is human tendency. 

Sticking to the bad memories of aftermath and sharing your painful time with reliable shoulders; people will sympathize with you and will try to forget you that bad time, and if you changes yourself you will realize that what you have lost. You have lost actually the moments that you spent over-thinking of your problems.  

In search of happiness, we cover miles, reaches to the forts, mountain peaks, even to the bars, disc, entertainment events; just to get rid of our boredom. Being engaged in activities doesn't define involvement of intangible state into an activity, whether one is just stick to something for refreshment. After covering incessant roads, journey completes only when we learn to be happy in every state. Detachment is something different to be aloof, being a part of every act, but always neutral; obtaining inner-peace the way pass through the situations. Why I always prefer to be introvert, plenty of reasons are there. Every self-centered or introvert, get a person surely in his/her lifetime, this happens definitely and get a chance to change his/her vision how they see this world and things, and believe me, you will likely be cheated to learn a lesson that your inner voice and vision that grew with the time, was accurate. If, you see the people meeting you without any reason, stand by with you every-time even when their intuition don't allow them, you are really blissful to have them. This happens to make you meet with the real world where the persons being with you like a sheet anchor, are sometimes try to feign. 

Connection and separation are the two sides of a coin, and unfortunately, both bring about a lesson, a pain to show you the reality. Look around yourself, every soul is alone and every soul is in affinity, it is just a matter of perception. If you learn to enjoy your own presence & togetherness, always happy and feel cheerful to enjoy the present moments at fullest. 

If you find any point where you resist the words, please don't hesitate in amending me through your valuable comments.   


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