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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Seven Phases in One Sided LOVE

1. Unnecessarily waking, laziness in routine work and an aimless journey, this is the life till you feel the magic. Really, life was like an effete before meeting you. Never before, had I noticed my looks, changed the way I talk and most important, smiled while talking. Love is the only crop where after sowing the seed, you don't need nourish it, God enhances and cares, after all it is the another form of worship. This is the initial stage when you start liking someone, actually you did nothing, it happens automatically. In this stage, you try to show him/her your charm, try to impress by your talks and you find the ways to interact with them.

2. Getting a glimpse of him or her, circulates the new blood in you and gives you many reasons to enter into a fresh fanciful world with full of new feelings. It is time you started finding new ways to be with them with a genuine reason. We try to create situations, and always busy in to be free to ponder. I define Love in two ways, first one, Love of first sight, other, it grows with the passage of time and togetherness. But, remember, it is a single thing, tributaries may flow separate but the destination is always same. Every action which you take, seems that it is happening without much efforts like a river taking stones with it, cutting them, shaping them and finally into an abysmal end.

3. Only question killing you from inside, whether she/he is alone or in a relationship. And believe me, If you have started loving, u'll die to ascertain this in the beginning, and of course, you must. After all, it is the need of the hour for you, it is better to be mute rather than being a thorn between them. A strange question will pop-up in your mind, what, if she/he tells me lie or hide something. This 'll be cheating, but, you have better trust them. If, she is preferring to commit a Sin, let her do. This is the phase when you become a spy, try to compare their statement with the reality. But, the reality is what, you realize you are in Love. The best way to get to know about his/her relationship status is, just believe, and blindly believe. Ask yourself, do you love truly? Yes! Then, don't worry, if she wanted to stop you, she would have stopped you at the same time when you asked this question to her.

4. I call this phase, the most memorable, if you really loves. Someone said very well "If you love truly, you will die daily", and this is cent percent true. Affection which grew inside you, will not let you sleep properly, will not let you breath smoothly and always thinking, what is next. You are living in an other world, checking your mobile thousand times within a short span, reading old texts, recalling your day activities when you are in bed, and thinking of alternatives of your actions which could be much better, shit man! A mild pain, but you are in comfort, but the pain is incessant, so do something to heal. Simple, just go and propose to them. Really, simple! It is not as simple as it seems. Waiting for a perfect moment? Journey of Love can be divided into two parts, before confessing your love and the later part. And until you propose to him/her, you are enjoying the most beautiful phase. You are in a great dilemma, as much as questions are brought forth by your heart as much as stars are there in the sky, and your brain has no answer to any question, because it has nothing to do with the matters of heart and love. It is a fight of heart, dear brain please stay away, yes. Most difficult situation, but there are just two ways, either create a situation or wait for the moment. Hesitation is obvious in asking for a meet, but no option. She may deny but, not always, not in every case. And, yes, she couldn't.

5. Finally, the most awaited day comes. Looks, smile, style, gift, Rose, fragrance etc etc, spinning my head. But, no suggestions for this day. Just be simple, natural and genuine. He/she wants to see you, the real you. Believe me, your planned endeavors, determination and every strategy is going to be vanished. Every planning is in vain. To open your heart is too difficult to speak like in day to day with them. So, don't plan your speech, just go impromptu. She is sitting in front of you, you will start diverting her mind, finding a topic to kick start the real movie. And this need a strong power. Oh!, I am invulnerable, nobody can defeat me, please do not let this think your mind. Otherwise, it will ruin your moments. Just let your heart think today, let it decide, let it speak, all is well. You collect your entire power, blink your eyes, and create your own phrase.

6. Sorry, for not completing my sentence in the above para, as I told you, there are two phases, now you are in second one, because you have already proposed to. Expectation of the same thing in return, doesn't define Love, albeit, you are just willing to see them happy and accepting everything, whether it is Yes or No, is Love. But, the reality is that "Why the answer is NO", this question is going to kill you. Just try to read her. Sometimes, somewhere, we'll have to accept our defeat. Defeat? this is not an appropriate word of failure in the subject of love. Getting the same, which was unexpected, a dream beyond my desire. But, her reply sank me in despair, and I am in hypophrenia, I am not disconsolate due to her answer against my desires, but I am thinking how I will live. This is the time when most of the people go on the wrong track. Actually, you have three ways, either you sink yourself in pensive sadness or just realize and accept the truth and prefer to move on. And the third one, the most rejected one by the persons who were not actually in love, they were just attracted by the charm or something else. I preferred to choose the third one, I'll wait, wait and incessant wait. A very harsh truth, she just refused, she didn't tell whether she loves me or not. And, this is the only reason which make me spellbound to choose the third way. It is too rare to find true Love in today's world, but I'll change your perception, surely. Love beyond expectations, and you will say and realize, "That was the way to Love".

7. God bless us with humanity after 84 lakh births, and I meet you incidentally, or perhaps God wanted, I was in love, and we are not together, isn't it painful? Yeah! A lot for me. But, I respect her vision, her customs, and most important, that reason. Some works always remain undone, always incomplete, afterall we have nothing to do with the decisions of the creator of this world. I promise myself to love you forever, unconditionally, till I am, you are not somebody else's, what if I love you afterwards, I will not do a sin. There will always be a corner in my heart with dignity, care and lots of love for you. Just be happy, smile but remember, somewhere, someone is still living in the moments which you gave him, and yes, he is still waiting for you and loves you truly and unconditionally...

I admit that this post went personal at last, but believe me, this was the only medium to share with someone; for me.

If you find any point where you resist the words, please don't hesitate in amending me through your valuable comments. 
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  1. Adequately quoted phases.
    So this comes from personal experience or...? ;)

    1. :) very personal ques., but, we have to taste, to get to know the taste.. ;)

  2. gud much helpfull for all one side

  3. badiya likha hai sab love k vaare mein.......................par ab kaha krte yr log pyar time pass krte hai sab.......................................

  4. I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.

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